Tuesday 8 July 2014

Kirsty’s Craft Birthday Parties: Happy kids and parents from Birmingham to Sheffield and further!

A fab collection of hand-felted cushions made at Aimee's 11th birthday party. Brilliantly creative kids!
I know it sounds like blowing my own trumpet but I just can’t help having a warm glow inside myself when I have just finished one of my AllSensesArt felting parties; it is such a rewarding feeling to know that not only is the birthday girl or boy happy and satisfied but their friends and mum, and dad and even their grandma is excited and happy too. 

My felting parties seem to be even better than expected!

“Couldn’t think of any negatives as everything went even better than planned!”
Sarah Brindley, Cannock, West Midlands May 2014

When people book me to do a felting party for their child they will usually have Googled something like ‘Craft Parties’. They might also have Googled ‘Craft Parties Midlands’, ‘Craft Parties Staffordshire’, ‘Craft Parties Derbyshire’ and more but actually I have travelled all over the UK to deliver AllSensesArt felting parties. Fife in Scotland, way over in the East of the East Midlands and up to Sheffield in South Yorkshire too. 

Parents who like my parties like something a bit different.  They know their child and know what they and their friends like. They know that their child likes making things and loves to create and usually has friends who are into making and crafts too and a felting party is usually a completely new experience for everyone. 

When I describe an AllSensesArt kids felting birthday party I always say that they are lively and full-on. Not mayhem but simply buzzing with creative energy. And what we achieve in two hours of craft activity always amazes people. 

Me, Kirsty E Smith, having fun with Sienna's friends at her felted bag party 
“Just wanted to say a huge Thank you for  the fabulous workshop you carried out for Laura’s party yesterday.

All the girls had a wonderful time and I  had some lovely texts last night from their moms thanking me and saying how the girls were still buzzing and hadn’t  stop talking about it all evening!!!!

They are all so proud  of their cushions and the parents were amazed to see what they had produced when they collected them.” 
Jaki Hingley, Stourbridge, West Midlands 

Happy and proud children at various AllSensesArt craft birthday parties
It is such a nice surprise to start with just fluffy sheep’s wool fibres and use just soap and water to make, not only make a piece of hand-made felt, but to actually make an item such as 
-a cushion
-a bag
-a piece of jewellery
-a picture
-a mini-beast creature.
there are so many many gorgeous colours to choose from 
The children have an exciting time working with materials that they usually haven’t handled before. 
And everyone always loves the soapy water rubbing part of the process of making hand made-felt. Felting is a very sensory process. 

The various stages during an AllSensesArt kids craft party are:

-First choosing colours

-Then learning how to break the wool fibres into short tufts and lay-out a bed of fluffy fibres.

-Designing a picture or pattern is a favourite part of the process for children who enjoy designing,and planning.
In an AllSensesArt party you learn how to ‘draw’ with wool.

-Next wetting the wool, adding some lovely mild soap and rubbing to felt the fibres together. This is such a relaxing process and totally different from other craft processes. 

At yesterday’s cushion making party Aimee and her friends burst into song while they were felting; this is not the first time that I have had a merry band of felters who enjoy it so much that they start to sing!

-And then before their very eyes the fluffy wool fibres have transformed into a piece of hand made felt.

When making a felted bag we wrap up a rock to begin with. 
Well that’s an unusual craft party idea! 
And we make a felted bag with no sewing at all.... okay we do sew on the button at the end.

a rock wrapped up in sheep's wool fibres. All ready to be transformed into a cute and colourful bag 
Detail of Sienna's felted bag. It was her 8th birthday party. 
"It was lovely to meet you and be introduced to a new skill. The flow of the party worked really well, the only downside it went far to quickly! You engage well with the children and adults making us all at ease and encouraging us to just enjoy it which we all did. There were some proud girls (and one Grandma) at the end of the party. They make a wonderful substitute for the standard party bag and could be used to put a few goodies in!  Oooh and my hands felt so smooth with the use of Olive oil soap!
Sarah Brindley, Cannock, West Midlands May 2014

Sienna's craft party for her 8th birthday
At a felted cushion making birthday party the children first make their piece of hand-made felt, then they cut a matching shaped piece from some shop-bought felt. Next they sew the front and back together using running stitch and then they stuff their cushion and sew up the gap.

Build-a-Bear is nothing compared to an AllSensesArt Felted Cushion Making party!

Stuffing the cushion with some super soft filling
Sewing up the last gap to complete the cushion
For more craft party options and more feedback from previous parties visit www.allsensesart.com

and you can also watch a short video of one an AllSensesArt Felted Flower Jewellery Craft Parties. 

Prices start at £105 for 7 children with £15 per additional child.

I travel all over the country to lead kids creative craft parties - most are in The Midlands, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire but don’t hesitate to contact me even if you live further afield as travel costs can be discussed. 

e mail Kirsty Smith  allsensesart@btinternet.com
phone 0773 995 9951

If you want an extra-special, very unusual and memorable Craft Party for your child then an AllSensesArt felting party is the perfect choice!

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