Wednesday 9 March 2016

Perfect Craft Parties for Creative Kids in South Yorkshire

Cute Owl - dry fibres BEFORE wetting and felting 
 AFTER the wet-felting process
Every year mums (and dads and carers too) want to do their best to make their children’s birthday celebration memorable and extra special. 

It is quite a challenge but if your son or daughter likes making things and being creative then a good start would be to Google, ‘Kids creative birthday party entertainers’, and to make things easier you could then add where you live- like, Sheffield or South Yorkshire. So maybe Google, ‘Children’s Craft Parties Sheffield’.

That’s how so many of my customers seem to find me and often they don’t come directly to my website or Facebook page to very often they find me through Netmums or FreeIndex

Whatever way that they find me, very often the next step is a phone call, e mail or text to chat about dates, when the party will be and most importantly, what the birthday girl or boy is into and would like for their Perfect Crafty Birthday Party

Rainbow- dry fibres BEFORE wetting and felting 
AFTER the wet-felting process
I love working with children- I love their energy and enthusiasm and I also like their honesty; for example if they don’t like something they will soon tell you. 

One of my mottoes is ‘You can’t kid a kid’, and I have to say that in the 9 years since setting up in 2007 I have never had a child say that they haven’t enjoyed one of my creative craft parties. 

Even one of my most skeptical customers; an 8 year old boy at a felted cushion party where he was the only boy and he had had to miss his football practice session for the party-  Even he was thoroughly won over. At the end of the party he was busy munching sandwiches while proudly sitting on the football cushion that he had just made!

A design making use of cut shapes from pre-felt- dry fibres BEFORE wetting and felting 

AFTER the wet-felting process
Often I find that people are a bit puzzled by the idea of wet-felting- I mean, 
How exactly does it work?

Well you 
1. Gently fluff out two or more layers of wool fibres.

2. Gently arrange a final layer into a picture. I describe this as ‘drawing’ with wool.
3. You cover this all in netting 
4.Then you wet the wool with (slightly) warm soapy water 
5. And gently rub to tangle to wool fibres together,

This is the magical wet-felting process. 

Samiah using knitting yarn to write her name - dry fibres BEFORE wetting and felting 

AFTER the wet-felting process
While I am leading a children’s craft party I tend to whizz around the table making sure that every child has all the attention, encouragement and also freedom to work with whatever colours they prefer and also to create a design that is completely unique and their own.

A graphic design in a dramatic colour scheme - dry fibres BEFORE wetting and felting 

AFTER the wet-felting process
Given completely free reign to make a felted picture what would you ‘draw’? 

The photos above show a selection of pictures made by 11 year old girls in one of my creative two hour sessions.
Yes they only had two hours to, not only devise these design ideas, but to also make their very own first piece of handmade felt!

For more craft party options (cushions, bags, mini-beasts and jewellery) and feedback from previous parties visit

and you can also watch a short video of one an AllSensesArt Felted Flower Jewellery Craft Parties. 

Prices start at £105 for 7 children with £15 per additional child.
South Yorkshire UK.

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text or phone 0773 995 9951

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